What To Do With Your Old CDs?

Remember those days, when we had racks full of multi-genre CDs with music compilations for each concert, lives, gigs, and back-ups of our more-important-than-life records? In case you still haven’t tossed your collection to waste, now this is the time to deliver these CDs an unused life! In case you’ve got a handful of CDs put away absent in your house and you’re not beyond any doubt what to do with them, why not attempt some incredible ideas to get rid of them! These days, the lion’s share of media has ended up digitized. Present-day innovation has permitted us to store gigantic film and music collections in our computers and phones, although CDs are now obsolete when we are living in the age of Spotify and Apple Music. So, stop worrying about these outdated CDs, and let’s see what you can do with these with some effective ideas! 

Things To Do With Old CDs

Here are a few ideas past burying your CD collection in a time capsule!

By Selling

In recent days, CD players are increasingly vanishing from the commercial center which is a heartbreak to us old folks. If you have tried selling your CD collections sometime recently, you probably know that it’s worth less than a box of pet rocks. Here are some options for selling them.

In Stores

Shockingly, numerous record shops still purchase and offer utilized CDs and record players. Haul your collection down to your nearby record shop, spend some quality time showcasing some of your precious pieces and walk out with pockets full of cash.


You can profit from Amazon’s Music Trade-in benefit. It’ll take longer than a visit to your neighborhood record store since you’ll have to peek into Amazon to see which of your CDs are accessible for trade-in. Then again, shipping is free and you probably will receive payment in guise of an Amazon blessing card. This can be painfully time-consuming, but if you figure it out, it’s likely that you might just earn a decent sum of money.

One by One

In this case, if you truly have time on your hands and like going to the post office, you may attempt offering your CDs yourself through buy-and-sell platforms such as Discogs, Musicstack, or eBay, which could amount to a couple of bucks per CD.

Connect with a specialist   

In case you can guarantee that your collection contains uncommon or important things, contact experts belonging to previous record companies and they will be happy to examine the relevance, significance, and price of your CDs and other collections. If you possess an especially profound and specific collection, it’s perhaps worth seeking out a collector.

Add to the File of Modern Music  

Donate your CDs to the non-profit library’s 2.5 million collections, get a charge derivation, and dance with your heart considering the fact that you’ve contributed your Iggy and the Numbskulls collections to the collective awareness of Western Civilization.

By Donating   

The least demanding way out is to drag your boxes of CDs to the check or the dump, but you might need to consider giving your collection instep. Contribute to the culture of your community, and let the town church gather to figure out what to do together with your duplicate of Suicide’s “make a grand appearance” album.

Gift Your Companions     

On the off chance that you do not need to go through the inconvenience of dealing with cash, you might change your existing collection into an open blessing for your circle of companions. Post up a list of what you have got, and inquire individuals what they might need from the heap. Set aside things that individuals are inquisitive about and have as of now reached you. Not will this make sure that individuals are still happening to be delighted out of your ancient collection, it’ll boost in a general feeling of bliss and reputation.

By Recycling    

Since there are numerous individuals looking to get rid of their collections, and since plates aren’t biodegradable, there are pools of recycling factories that specialize in handling undesirable CDs and DVDs. In case you do not need to offer or give your CDs, check to see if a reusing center closes your forms plates. On the off chance that one does, you’ll take your collection over and have them take it off your hands.

Be Creative     

Recently tossed or scratched-up CDs should be given the opportunity for a repair attempt. To begin with, clean them completely with a lint-free cloth or a mellow cleanser and a small bit of water. Hold the CD by the edge to keep from getting fingerprints on it. Clean it from the center to the edge, not in a circular movement. On the off chance that your CD still skips, attempt settling it with toothpaste. Apply a few non-gel kinds of toothpaste on the edge of your index and rub it delicately onto the whole CD. A clammy paper towel can come in handy to evacuate the toothpaste and dry it with a new paper towel. The fine roughness within the toothpaste might smooth out the scratch. 

More Ideas About What to do with Old CDs

Still no good fortune? No issue! Right now, there is a stylistic layout transformation happening that uses old CDs to make excellent, special pieces of craftsmanship in and around your humble abode. If you’ve got handfuls of CDs rotting in misery at the corners of your house and you can’t figure what to do with old CDs, why not attempt a few of these DIY ventures! Let’s try some hacks-

Break your CDs into shards to make craft patterns  

While entire CDs can be utilized in crafts, you’ll have to think of more conceivable outcomes on the off chance that you break some up. Breaking them up, you’ll be able to build several distinctive shapes and yet retain the surface of the circle. Snap the CD into numerous shards and stick them onto a surface for a striking mosaic pattern. If you’re breaking CDs, keep your hands away from the sharp edges and stay cautious when you’re touching them. You can use a pound to break up smaller pieces and then wrap up broken sharps fragments with utmost caution, as in case they are manufactured using glass.

To break or cut the old CDs, here some excellent ways and steps that you have to follow-

Step-1: Tools dividing the CDs 

The foremost thing to note is that when cutting the CDs, you must use caution as not to damage the holographic film which is a  delicate portion and one that we need to protect since the impact they deliver off is truly the pearl in the sea.

Step-2: Choose the perfect CDs   

While choosing your CDs, consider picking CDs that are less scratched, within the conclusion, once all the pieces are together, there are details that you simply won’t see unless you’re trying to find them. Some CDs are constructed with two layers of plastic with the film sandwiched in between them. Other CDs have a plastic layer with a layer of film on the exterior which generally contains a printed picture or information on the beat. You might as well call them the ideal CD.

Step-3: Cutting the CDs     

This step will depend to some degree on what tool or equipment you’re working with. Unless you’re going with a particular plan, do not constrain yourself to the shapes and sizes of the pieces you cut. Now attach them to the desired piece with glue. 

Uses of those fragments:

 You can use them on a different kind of mosaic: 

Mosaic table:  

Take an unused table and make it gorgeous with those pieces of CDs. For that, you have to take the pieces and add glue to stick the pieces. Try to utilize the holographic part of the CDs, as it will beautify the table and make it a little more intense when light shines on them. Now, begin sticking the pieces to the mosaic surface, ideally beginning in one corner and moving it along from there. See, it’s that easy!

Mosaic flower pot   

Don’t have any idea how to add that wow-factor to your garden? Here are some ideas! To make your balcony or terrace garden more eye-opening, just take a flower pot and some break CD pieces and start gluing them on the desired surface. Small pieces of CDs will work effectively in this hack. See, no more boring gardening!

You can apply this same process or hack on your house doors, jewelry box, guitar, mirror side surface, also on Christmas ornaments to décor and give your home a festive look.


Turn your obsolete CDs into drink coasters! CDs are the ideal estimate to set hot drinks on. They will bear the warmth and spare your kitchen surfaces from harm. You’ll be able to paint or draw on the plates and other crockeries to turn them in glamorous pieces of decor.

A hanging divider layer    

CDs can be connected and hung from a divider in a plot of your choice. If you own sufficient CDs, you’ll be able to create dividers for your entire wardrobe. A chain or pipe passing through the CDs secured tightly in its place circling from one edge of a wall to another kept in place using nails. A rather convenient trick would be to slice thick gaps within the CDs using a sharp tool. You might want to place an old board when slicing since there will be granules as residue.

A scaled-down photo collection   

CDs can be an inspiring and creative way to form scrapbooks, albums or collections. Stick development paper onto each CD you will add as a frame and attach photographs to it. Then, attach a bigger piece of development paper that covers the posterior of the CD and punch a coil cover through the jutting paper. Since CDs are thick compared to paper, you’ll only be able to string several pictures together. 

A desk organizer    

If you have got a lot of disc cases cleared out, you’ll be able to turn the cases into a working organizer for your work area. Take a long extent of cardboard as wide as a CD gem case and superglue sets of cases together in intervals. Take off the cases a few times to sit, at that point organize your work area envelopes within each interim concurring to their type. Glitter up the cardboard to turn it appealing. Point to form the establishment color comparative to the color utilized on the gem case’s collection craftsmanship.

You can try these DIY hacks with your old CD collections. This will be the best use of your outdated CDs.

If you don’t want to give or reuse them and desire to keep them! Then here some further tips for the best outcome of your old CDs: 

  • Handle your CDs accurately, holding from the outer edges and with the thumb on the gap within the center. Whereas it’s likely moment nature by presently to be cautious with the 
  • The intelligent underside of circles, you ought to take care of the best, printed layer as harm to this side can too impact playback.
  • Store your CDs in an upright position. Maintain a strategic distance from keeping them in stacks, much as you’d for vinyl records. They ought to be kept in a cool, dry environment. 
  • Keep your CDs in gem- or keep cases instead of paper sleeves. Stay the circle utilizing the grapple stick within the center of the case. Typically, this is the perfect way to guarantee to avoid scratches or harming the interior. In case the grapple stick is broken, it’s best to supplant the case. Adhere to one circle.
  • Per case, and always remember to return the CDs to the case after play.
  • Label CDs with a water-based marker. Difficult tipped pens and chemicals can be rough and harm the information.
  • Check the quality of the CD sometime recent to your purchase – particularly for used CDs. Keep your eyes open for scratches, discoloration, or what looks like pinpricks within the circle. In case you’re buying recordable, spring for the higher quality adaptation.


Presently, that CDs are relentlessly being supplanted by downloadable records and apps, you might discover yourself with heaps of ancient cases lying around simply because you don’t require any longer. Beyond any doubt, you’ll reuse the plastic and essentially clear them out of your house just follow all these hacks. And be innovative!

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