What to Do with Shredded Paper?

It’s typically believed that shredded papers are of no use. To your surprise, shredded papers are greatly recyclable if you know how to do it. Recycling shredded paper is a boon for the environment in unison highly beneficial for you too.

This article is dedicated to enlighten you on what to do with shredded paper. From a cool art piece to a fraying wreath, you can craft a plethora of creative projects using it. For your consideration, we have shed light on a few creative ideas below. Scroll down to check out them.

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1. Craft a Fringed Flower 

A bunch of fringed flowers can really fetch a pretty esthetic vibe into your room. Many find crafting flowers at home tough or think the flowers won’t have spiffy finishing. For this belief, they end up buying them from the market instead of crafting at home.

But, trust us when we say fetching a polished finishing is no biggie. Here, for your benefit, we’ll unravel the ways of how to do it. 

Materials Needed:

  1. A transparent adhesive tape
  2. Colorful shredded papers
  3. Craft scissor
  4. Measuring scale
  5. Glue gun

General Instructions:

  1. Cut the adhesive tape to eight inches in length and separate the papers according to colors.
  2. Align the shredded papers and cut them leaving the same ratio for each.
  3. Then, attach the shredded paper to the adhesive tape sequentially.
  4. Trim them with a scissor to keep the fringe level even and of equal length.
  5. Lastly, roll the whole adhesive tape and there you have your fringed flower.

Mount the flower on a stick and then repeat the process to make as many flowers as you want. Pick colors that are harmonious to your interior. Anyhoo, when you’re done making a few of them – piece them together in a beautiful flower vase and get ready to receive compliments from your guests for this creative project! 

2. Make Staggering Crafting Papers

It always happens that we don’t find the craft papers we want in the neighboring stores. And, in cases when we find them, they often charge a great expense. One of the best perks of shredded papers is that they can be recycled into cute craft papers as well. Read the instructions below carefully before getting started –

Materials Needed:

  1. Heaps of shredded papers
  2. Paper grinder/craft scissor
  3. Lukewarm water
  4. A water filter paper
  5. An electric blender
  6. A non-sticky sheet
  7. A press papers

General Instructions:

  1. First, rip up the shredded papers into minimal particles. 
  2. Soak them in lukewarm water and occasionally stir them well to ensure all parts are thoroughly soaked.
  3. A few hours later, put the soggy papers into the blender.
  4. Blend them into a smooth paste; this paste is known as the pulp.
  5. Next, strain the wet pulp paste to filter the water.
  6. Now lay out the pulp on the non-sticky sheet and drain off excess water with the press paper.
  7. When dry, peel off the paper. And, with this, your craft paper is ready to use. 

Another amazing perk of handmade craft paper is that you can have them precisely in the exact color you want. For this, you’ll have to add food color while blending the soggy papers. Also, you can create color fusion in papers. In order to do that, add different colors of pulp in a bowl and knead them together before laying the pulp out to dry. 

3. Craft a Stylish Phone Cover

Phone covers apparently represent your taste and personality. This is perhaps the reason why there’s always so much fuss running about it. We can’t agree enough that finding the one perfect phone cover to your mind is more like a wild goose chase. 

The best way is to always make it on your own. And, when you can make it out of waste shredded papers without having to spend even a dime then the project sounds more lucrative, doesn’t it? Follow the below steps to make one for yourself–

Materials Needed:

  1. Shredded papers
  2. Old phone cover
  3. Structural adhesive
  4. Pulp making materials
  5. Art pencil, paints, glitters (optional)

General Instructions:

  1. Take a pile of shredded papers and turn them into pulps.
  2. Spread over the pulps onto the old phone cover evenly and set it to dry.
  3. Once it’s dry, pull the phone cover out of it.
  4. Next, spread the adhesive inside and out of the new made cover thoroughly.
  5. Let it dry and repeat the process a couple of times to bring a firm structure.
  6. Now, decorate the back cover of it to your mind.

Again, you can use shredded papers to decorate it. Randomly placed crinkled papers is sure to pull off a damn cool look. Or you can grind the shredded papers and use the dust to fill your little drawings on the cover. Or else, you can sketch your favorite picture on it, or paint something cool. Even if you skip adorning it further, we can bet you’ll love it no less.

4. Create a Fun Pom Pom for Kids

Kids these days get easily bored with one game and tend to demand new playing gadgets before long. A cute pom pom gives them a really fun playing time. The making is also very easy and requires only a few handy elements. So, if you’re still not convinced what to do with shredded paper, we hope this project idea will help you make up your mind.

Materials Needed:

  1. Different colors of shredded papers
  2. A toilet tissue roll
  3. Glue gun
  4. Craft scissor
  5. Acrylic color set or spray colors
  6. Shimmer (optional)

General Instructions:

  1. Take the toilet tissue roll, and take off the remaining tissues.
  2. Paint the tissue roll as you want with acrylics or spray colors.
  3. When it dries, glue shredded papers on both ends.
  4. Make sure the fringes overlap and leave no gaps.
  5. Lastly, trim the fringe layer to keep the overhanging level even.

With this, your fun pom pom is ready! Choose the color according to your kid’s preference. Although, combining two or three colors gives it a groovier look. Furthermore, to add more zing to it, sprinkle some shimmer all over it. 

5. Make Cute Gift Cards 

Cards are the cutest medium to convey greetings, wishes, or concern. There are thousands of ways to make a handmade card – whichever you follow, you can jazz it up with a touch of shredded papers. Does this confuse you? Well, let us go into details for you then.

Materials Needed:

  1. Different colors of shredded papers
  2. A paper shredding machine
  3. A hard paper
  4. Sticky glitters (optional)
  5. A black marker
  6. Acrylic color set 

General Instructions:

  1. Separate shredded papers according to colors.
  2. With a help of a shredding machine, rip them off into bits.  
  3. Next, if you like sprinkles, then add some sticky glitters on top of them.
  4. Now, take a piece of hard paper and fold it like a card.
  5. Put the front side of the card in front of you and draw four stars. 
  6. Border them with a black marker and fill it with different colors.
  7. As the color dries, spread adhesive on them and carefully instill the glittery paper powder of that color. 
  8. Shake it to toss out the unattached shards and set it to dry.
  9. Follow the same process again to have thick fraying layers.

Upon finishing, you’ll get a super cute fraying card. Not to mention, you can draw whatever design you like and follow the same process. Other than that, you can also sprinkle the glitter paper powder on the existing decoration of a card to glaze it up. 

6. Make a Paper Coaster

A cute coaster on your table will instantly brighten up your mind. And, when it’s your handmade then it’ll surely mean a whole lot more to you. Interested to know how you can make one using shredded paper? It’s super simple! Here are the instructions for you –

Materials Needed:

  1. A hard paper 
  2. A circle cutter
  3. Shredded papers
  4. Acrylic color set or spray colors
  5. Liquid glitters
  6. Glue gun
  7. Structure adhesive 

General Instructions:

  1. Cut the hard paper into a round shape.
  2. Seal the boundary using a glue gun and paint it in and out in your preferable color.
  3. Now, shrink some shredded papers together and wrap it like a small ball.
  4. Repeat this to make balls as much as you need, and dye them in the same color.
  5. Next, dip them into liquid glitters and set out to dry.
  6. Once they are dry, glue them to the edges around the round board.

As the balls dry, your handmade coaster is ready to serve you. To extend its longevity, instill structure adhesive on it. 

7. Create Hanging Decorations

Hanging decors are incomparable when it comes to adorn your home interior. When you’re planning to install somewhat modest hanging décors of less audacity, we’ll suggest you to craft it at home. 

You’ll be amazed to know that shredded papers can work wonders even in hanging décor projects. Read on to know the process of how to do it –

Materials Needed:

  1. White/brown shredded papers
  2. Pulp making materials
  3. Cut frame of different shapes
  4. A piercing machine
  5. Colorful tinsels
  6. Acrylic color set or spray colors
  7. Phosphorescent chemical (optional)

General Instructions:

  1. Rinse shredded papers well to remove the extra colors.
  2. Change the stained water with fresh water a couple of times.
  3. When you’ll see papers are soggy and colorless, blend them into pulps.
  4. Now, take a cut frame of different shapes and fill them with pulps.
  5. Once they get dry, take off the frames and paint the hanging as you want.
  6. If you like, then feel free to add phosphorescent chemicals so that it glows in the dark.
  7. Also, you can stick tinsel around it to highlight the borders.
  8. Next, drill a hole in the top and add a suitable loop.

With this, your own crafted pretty wall hangings are ready to take your home interior charm to another level. A row of stars and a moon hanging is our personal favorite. As you turn off the lights, they bring a starry sky into your room. Amazing, right? If you like the idea, you can try it too.

8. Decorate a Wreath

Aside from traditional purposes, wreaths are also hailed as home décor. Popularly wreaths are hung on the door backs to adorn it. When it comes to door wreaths, you can always go funky. And, in this, shredded papers greatly comes in handy. The instructions are given in the following –

Materials Needed:

  1. A grapevine wreath
  2. Colorful shredded papers
  3. Floral craft tapes
  4. Glue gun
  5. Tiny bows
  6. Tinsels 

General Instructions:

  1. Wrap the grapevine wreath with floral craft tapes.
  2. Cover thoroughly and make sure the taping leaves no gaps.
  3. Now, start patching colorful shredded papers with the glue gun.
  4. Drape the whole wreath with shredded papers overlapping. 
  5. Next, tie tinsels around it and glue some tiny bows.

You can also drape greenery or anything you like to the wreath, just make sure to reflect your own likings in it. This apparently gives your visitors a sheer insight into how you and your lifestyle is.

Final Thoughts

The source of shredded papers are many – you cannot control it but throwing those away makes no sense when what to do with shredded paper entirely depends on you. Now that you have finished reading this article, you better know what you want to do with shredded papers. So, get started to make the best out of your shredded paper stash. 

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