What To Do With Old Magazines?

When you hear about magazines, you typically imagine dynamic pictures and spicy gossip surrounding recent news whether it’s about koala bears or Adam Levine. A bit too many magazines stacking up in your home can turn you into the crazy hoarder your parents warned you about. It’s time to get creative.  Turn your trashy magazine or editorial cover into pots of figurative gold. The hacks we have figured out can free your humble abode of clutter and turn them into interesting collections imaginary people from all over the world will wish to see before they take their last breath. 

Some of the prehistoric gems that you have been saving over the years can’t even be recycled because of the waxy material they are coated with to make them glossy like freshly moisturized skin. It’s recommended that you rather reuse or sell them to make your purchase worthwhile. So what to do with old magazines? Keep reading for ideas! The best outcome is that many of our DIYs can be fun projects for kids so you get to spend quality family time.

Changing Hands

A substantial way of creating some flow of cash can be exchanging your magazines. Magazines and books retaining a certain decent condition are in demand by owners of used bookstores who make a living through reselling paper products. Be that as it may, you should expect higher amounts of cash if you sell them online as single copies or entire boxes. These boxes can incorporate a variety of editions of the same magazine brand, or cover various topics on the same subject such as golfing or oceanography. 

Try investigating online selling platforms such as eBay to find out the market and demand for your used magazines. Subjects surrounding hot topics can be worth more than you have imagined.

Commercial Clips:

Clip out promotions and advertisements strategically and insert them into plastic sleeves. With a little marketing, these babies can be sold online, on flea markets, and garage sales. Renowned sellers recommend keeping clips of vintage trains, cars, alcohol, books, sports gear, armory and weapons, and mid-century furniture that are popular and seldom seen.

Anyone catching a glimpse of a star athlete’s signature or promotion on an item no longer available will go nuts to get it. Possessing these wrapped up in plastic sleeves in mint condition will turn you into a hot cake among pawn shops, vintage sellers, and sports collectors.

Vision Board

Right now, you are one of the harvesters going overboard with saved treasure on Pinterest. Then again, you can’t compare carefully constructed glam photos of magazines with random pictures saved on Pinterest. The price of magazines for motivation, inspiration, information, and more importantly entertainment varies from individual to individual, nevertheless significant. Magazines can be your path of going old school with style!

Clip out pictures of important ideas you will want to note down whether it’s for furniture or for hockey. Random moves and techniques found on the internet have the probability of going out of style for decades but trending hits from your local and popular magazines literally pinned to your DIY vision board can be your answer to a successful project.


Think of all the places you see in magazines. These include doctor’s, dentist’s, and lawyer’s offices, beauty salons, and typically any place that has a waiting room. Some cold pitching can do the job of selling your old magazines but there are also places you can give away for free to people who would need them.

These include old age homes, nonprofit offices, or shelters. Asking around can increase your chances of finding a place to donate. Even schools would be pleased to receive old catalogs and magazines for their waiting rooms and offices. Libraries and used bookstores would also never deny donated magazines.

Get Creative

Since you have a can of old magazines waiting to get cozy in the trash and want to know what to do with old magazines, it’s never a wrong time to wear your DIY hat and let your creative juices seep in. Whether you fall in the environmentalist category or borderline hoarding, there’s a lot you can do than just stockpile your weeklies. We have quite a list of DIY projects for you to turn your “Vogue” or “Sports Illustrated” into a fun weekend with the kids. 

Got your semi-aged glossy paper, scissors, and glue? Here we go!

Gift Wrap

Bring out your dailies, weeklies, and monthlies hiding under the bed because we are going to make some presents and push them back under the bed. Still, using plastic sheets to wrap up your gifts? Believe us, your environment-friendly friends will thank you once they see you wrap up their gifts in literally anything other than aluminum or plastic wrappers.

There’s nothing you can say if there’s bubble wrap inside though. Magazines used for wrapping shows heart and gifts wrapped using magazine sheets can be the perfect addition to thank you notes. The paper sheets are generally flexible and coated with plastic films with bright prints, so people will love them!

Finishing Bow

You’ve bought the perfect gift, created the most exquisite wrap, but you still see something missing. Something that screams, this present is an expression of my love for you. Perhaps not that overboard. You then guess it. A bow tie. The icing on the cake to your ode of generosity. These final touches cut into strips and turned into bows can be utilized as well. Find out what your recipient likes, be it a comic strip, bags, or swimwear, and customize them for your bow.

Vibrant Pictures to Hang on the Wall

Who doesn’t love to decorate their walls with classic craftsmanship? There are a lot of ways to brighten up your wall without spending even a penny! And you don’t even need to be a skilled craftsman to do that.

First, get a canvas or large cardboard to hang on the wall. Bring out the magazines which have the pictures you like. Cut out those pictures in different shapes as you love, and stick them to the canvas with glue. You can paint the empty spaces of the canvas to add a bit more excitement to it! Even writing down some of your favorite quotes from movies and shows works just fine.

And now, hang the canvas on your wall with a hook to give your decor a more festive look. See? It didn’t cost you anything other than something that was going into your trash.

Decorating Objects:

Your house must have a lot of items, and some of them might not be your kids’ favorite as kids tend to love colorful objects. If your kid’s water bottle or tiffin box is not festive enough, this is the time you utilize those old magazines and figure out what to do with old magazines.

Find out which item your kid likes the least because it doesn’t have a colorful exterior. Then, bring out those old magazines and find some pictures and colorful words. Cut those parts out carefully and ask your kid which ones they like the most.

Whatever object you’re trying to decorate, make sure the pictures or the words will fit into the item’s exterior. Now, stick the pictures into the item with glue, and voila! Not only you just saved yourself from buying another water bottle for your kid, but you also did the environment a favor by not producing more garbage by simply throwing those magazines out.

Jewelry Droplets

There are obviously a lot of DIY projects that you can do with your kids. Making droplets for jewelry is exceptional among them. This will not only be fun and exciting, it will also open your kids’ minds to look around their world with a mindset fit for recycling instead of producing more garbage.

To make these jewelry droplets, start with cutting some pages from magazines into some lean strips. Take a straw and cut it into small pieces. These will be used to make gaps between the droplets. Now, wrap the strips around the straw pieces and keep doing this until you have a lot of them. After that, string these droplets using a chain to make a piece of exciting jewelry.

Make Backdrops for Your Kids’ Rooms

This amazon idea is for the parents or guardians who want their kids to grow up to be creative. Remember when you were in college and you used to hang up pictures cut out from magazines on your walls? Even if you didn’t, you must’ve seen someone doing this as it was a common trend in the ‘80s and ’90s. Now that we live in a tech-savvy world, people don’t hang pictures cut out from magazines anymore. They just print posters of favorite bands or actors and brighten their walls.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t relive your glory days. Show your kids what it meant to be cool in your time! Bring out that stash of magazines and find some pictures of landscapes or actors your kid loves. Cut out those pictures and make ravishing backdrops for your kids’ rooms. They will love those as they’ll get to be part of those DIY projects. It’s also a great way to increase bonding between you and your kids.

Making Cards and Envelopes

No matter how tech-savvy we come, there will always be a space in our hearts for letters and cards. You can’t deny that getting a real card from someone is much more exciting than getting a picture of a card in your email.

So, bring out your magazines, and cut out the words that fit in your card. Make sure to cut beautiful and festive pictures as well as words that are printed with colorful letters. You can hand-paint the cards as well if you want to make them more festive.

And since the world is almost locked in houses, a lot of people will not be able to visit their loved ones. In this crisis, sending a handmade card will be a great idea to cheer them up! It will let them know that you are thinking of them, and the fact that you are spending your time and effort to create something beautiful for them is a lovely thought.

Bouquet for Christmas:

Since Christmas is close, this is a wonderful idea to use that old stash of magazines! You surely will love using your brain to make something fun and creative in this festive season. And it’s even more fun if you get to do it with something that will not cost you anything but only some stuff that was going to end up in the garbage. So, brighten up your day with some crazy ideas!

You can start by cutting out the colorful parts of the magazines and roll up those portions into separate parts to use later. Make some circles out of thick or hard papers and cardboards. After cutting them in circles, you can paint them or beautify them as you like. Now, stick those colorful rolls you made earlier to these circles with glue. You can further paint on the rolls to give them a more festive look to match them with your decor.

As Christmas is a ravishing time of the year, cherish the moments by not piling up more garbage with your stash of magazines. Instead, turn them into eco-friendly decorating pieces that will brighten your house and your mood.

Organizing Your Precious Possessions

If you’re in love with your collection of magazines, and you don’t want to get rid of them, turning them into something else may not be an interesting idea to you. Instead, you might want to keep them safe and unharmed. Even clearing them out of the drawers and trying to sort them out in order might result in tearing one of them which obviously you don’t want.

So, to make sure your precious collection of magazines are unharmed, let’s go through some ideas on how you can keep them safe and organized.

Creating a System to Sort Them

You should organize the magazines in a certain order. The most popular and useful way to sort magazines or newspapers is to organize them by date. Since magazines are weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or yearly, you should go with whatever timeline they follow. In that way, it’ll be easier for you to find the one magazine you are looking for only if you know the month or week it was published in.

Store Them in a Safe Place

You have to make sure that you’re storing the magazines in a place where they will not be damaged. If you just keep them in a drawer where roaches or mice have access, you’ll have nothing to do but throw your precious collection away. The best way to store them is in a box where mice or cockroaches can’t enter.

Also, make sure the place is not damp. Storing the box of magazines in the attic, basement, or garage might not be a great idea. They need to be in a dry and warm place. Otherwise, your beloved possessions will just lose their value.

Make Copies of Them

This might not be a commonly useful idea for everyone, but if you’re a serious collector and you need to go through the magazines constantly, you can make photocopies of the magazines and keep them close. The real ones will be stored away in a safe place. That way, there are no chances of losing the magazines or tearing the pages every time you bring them out.

Bottom Line

Magazines are great mediums to spend the leisure and keeping up-to-date with some hot topics around the world. While they give you some fun moments when you read them, they’re not completely disposable when you’re done with them as well. We hope this article has answered what to do with old magazines. No matter what type of magazines you have stashed, the Cosmopolitan, Time, The New Yorker, or People, you can turn all of them into something fun and useful. Instead of turning them into trash, grab that old stash of magazines, use that creative brain of yours, and put the magazines to some use!

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