What to Do with Old Jeans?

Being die-hard denim fans, we can relate to how hard it is to toss out your hand picked denim collections. Apparently, we can never be emotionally ready to abandon them, but the silver lining here is that denim jeans can be repurposed infinitely.

Yes, you read it right! So, if you happen to hoard a stash of timeworn denim wears, you can always craft something new and creative out of them. On top of that, when you know how to turn them into masterpieces, the options are endless! 

To satiate your – what to do with old jeans thought, below we’ve arrayed 15 fun, creative, and easy to make ideas. So, without any further ado, let’s dive right into them. 

1. Make a Cool Backpack

Slinging a denim backpack over your shoulder indeed takes your casual look to another level. Needless to say, even a low-key denim backpack entails a great expense. Whereas, crafting it out of old jeans wouldn’t cost you a dime. 

All you need is an old pair of jeans or maybe a skirt, zipper, a Velcro, and other crafting stuff. Cut the jeans in such a way that you can use the waist part as the mouth of the bag. Sew all three sides, and then seal the zipper at the waist to close the mouth.

Then separately attach two shoulder strings on either side of the bag. To the end, sew an extra part on top of the zipper and add velcro to it. With this, your cool denim backpack is ready!

2. Spice Up Your Boring Outfits 

Turn your plain boring sweatshirt into a cool one. Even after overusing, the collar and pockets of denim jackets don’t usually get shabby. So, why not use them to spice up your sweatshirt collections? 

First, cut out the collar and pockets of an old denim jacket, then sew them on a sweatshirt of your choice. For more, cut a rectangular piece from the jacket and turn it into fringe by picking out the threads. Now, sew the fringe layer on the upper back or shoulder. Yikes, now you are ready to flaunt around in your new classy outfit.

3. Dress Your Phone with Denim Phone Cover

We always tend to grab the spiffiest phone cover for us, as it somewhat tells our taste. But honestly, laying hands on a standout phone cover is not a cinch. Although, switching to a denim phone cover can solve this instantly. Even the slightest touch of denim would make people say WOW at your phone.

For making, first of all, take a fresh piece of old jeans. Place it onto your phone, and mark the spaces of the camera, flash, and fingerprint sensor pad. Cut out the marked portion and gently burn the cutout edges with a lighter so that the loose threads don’t come out later. 

Now, glue this piece of jeans to one of your old phone covers, and let it dry. Decorate it with some stones, glitters, or attach some jeans fringes, or paint something on it to make it look catchier.

4. Convert Your Old Denim Skirt into a Pretty Lace Skirt 

Skirts never fail to sneak in any fashion trend, casual or formal whichever look you want to pull off, skirts would never go wrong. If your most favorite denim skirt has become shabby and scruffy, we have a great idea to refurbish it.

Purchase a few yards of lace that suits your old denim skirt best. Then carefully stitch the lace on the top of your old skirt. To add more charm to it, sew old jeans together to make a ruffle and sew the ruffle on the bottom seam of the skirt.

5. Make Yourself a Jeans Wallet 

Wallet is one of the most important and constant companions of our outdoor time. We stack our important cards, emergency information, and cash in it, so having a wallet of your choice is essential. But unfortunately, we don’t usually find the wallet we want in the market. 

When we finally find something to our choice, it turns out it doesn’t have enough compartments inside or the other way round. So, the best way is to make a wallet of your own. For this, cut off 4/6 pieces of 8:5 rectangular shape from old jeans, and sew the seam of two pieces together. 

With the rest of the pieces, cut and place them according to your preference. Now seal the edges of both sides and fold it like a usual wallet. Voila! Your self-made wallet is ready to use.

6. Make a Pair of Denim Slippers

No matter how much denim outfit you own by now, you can never get enough of denim wear! Anyhoo, have you ever thought of treating your feet with some denim comfort? We’ll teach you how to do it.

Take a pair of old fleece-lined jeans, put your go-to slipper on it, and cut a total of four sole pieces and two upper pieces keeping two inches space on all sides. Sew two of the soles together for thickness and strength. 

Now, you have two soles and then stitch the upper piece on both of them. Make sure to keep the fleece line on the open side. For the final look, trim the loose threads and extra clothes.  

7. Wrap Your Favorite Notebook with Denim Cover 

Whether to jot down plans, store sketches, or unleash unsaid words – everyone happens to have a favorite notebook that they’ve been keeping for years. Its cover might have started to fall apart because of your years long frequent usage. 

So, it’s a great option for you to use your hoarding old jeans to make a notebook cover. This way, you’ll piece together two of your favorite items, isn’t it the best?  Pick your preferred shade of jeans and place your notebook open on it. Mark the borders keeping one inch of extending on all sides. 

Cut down the overhang portion in a way that you can fold them inside. Instill adhesive on the notebook and stick the trimmed old jeans piece slowly. As you’re done, let it dry and there you have your own crafted jeans cover. Add stone, handmade flowers, or stickers to add zing to its look.

8. Make Chevron Pillow Covers

Making a classy chevron pillow cover with different shades of blue is one of the best projects you can do with old jeans. Take out all your timeworn jeans collection and cut out only the fresh pieces from each shade. Sew them together to 22:11 dimension. 

Then fold the larger side and keep the inside out followed by stitching the two open sides deftly. Now, you’ll have only one open side, sew a zipper to it, and finally turn the cover right-side-out. With these, your chevron pillow is ready to adorn your sofa sets.

9. Make Fashionable Shorts

If you are no longer wearing some of your denim pants just because they are slightly faded or have some torn parts at the knees or below – then we are here to share with you a great idea to turn these pants into unique trendy shorts. 

Take one of these old jeans, cut it into shorts with a scissor. Then pick out some threads to bring a cute fringe edging. Then, spray paint it or dip it into colors to get your new and chic shorts. 

10. Weave an All-Blue Diagonal Denim Rug

If you’re still not decided on what to do with old jeans, we hope our next idea will win your mind, because a good woven denim rug will not only come in handy for you but will also enhance the beauty of your home. They are durable, long-lasting, and will also save your money. For an additional plus, it doesn’t even need a large piece of unsullied jeans.

The left out jeans scraps that you’ve made while crafting other jeans projects will work perfectly. To start, first, take different shades of jeans scraps, then try to bring coherence among them and then stitch the pieces together. For the borders, take four jeans stripes and seam them firmly by folding them.  

11. Devise a Hanging Denim Organizer

A hanging denim organizer is an easy to make and space-saving solution that you can use for versatile purposes. You can put your stationery items together in it and hang it next to your reading table, or you can organize your cutlery collections and other kitchen utensils and hang it in your kitchen. 

For the making, first, take a full-length jeans pant and split the seam. Then, fold the verges and seal with double stitching. Now, add as many spare pockets as you want in your own preferable direction. Last but not the least, add a loop on top of it to hang the newly made organizer on the wall.

12. Create a Handy Placemat

Ever imagined a placemat with pockets where you can keep your spoon and knife organized? This is surely a one-of-a-kind project that you should try out to fetch a whole new vibe into your dining table. 

For creating this, first, find out some spick and span surface from your old jeans stack. Cut the blemish free parts into an ideal placemat size, then add two pieces together with adhesive and sew the edges with pretty lace. 

Now, it’s time to sew the pockets, add one or more pockets as you wish. Try to choose a thread that would complement the placemat and make sure to keep the needlework neat.

13. Create Pretty Denim Bookmarks

Bookworm people always tend to have a weakness for creative bookmarks. A nice denim bookmark is sure to make their hearts smile. So, why not make one for your bookworm friend with your unused denim wears?

Find out an impeccable part from your old jeans, cut it into a pretty shape – perhaps a heart, a star, or a flower. Add two alike pieces together and seam the edges. Then, pierce a hole in one edge and tie a jeans stripe on it. Finally, don’t forget to sew a pretty fringe at the end of the stripe.

14. Sew a Full Coverage Craft Apron 

You know how impermeable jeans fabrics are which clearly makes it a great apron alternative. Needless to say, an outright craft apron can save you from hundreds of dirty laundry days. Especially, when it comes to a craft apron, no doubt that old jeans will work wonders. 

If you have jeans overall, you can just cut the bottom and use it directly as an apron, but when you don’t have one, follow the steps below. Take a pair of jeans pants, cut it separately from the waist to the hip, and 12/14 inches from one leg.

Then, split the leg part and place it straight on top of the other cut part and seam them together. Add two straps on either side of the waist and two on both shoulders. That’s it, you’re done making your own crafting apron.

15. Bring Solution to Hold Hot Pots with Denim Potholders

Hot potholders are an inevitable part of every kitchen. With having ragged and shabby jeans in your home, you don’t need to spend a penny on buying these. Not to mention, every mom will claim that homemade jeans kitchen potholders work and sustain much better and longer than store-bought ones. 

To make it, you’ll only need shabby thick jeans. First, cut them into several square pieces, then sew them together to make a bushy consistency. Thoroughly sew them all the way, and seam the edges firmly. For making it handier, sew a back pocket on each potholder which will ensure a strong grip aside from saving your hands from any unforeseen accident.

Final Thoughts

This article is inspired to give the reader insights about what to do with old jeans. Jeans are extremely recyclable and once you start to repurpose them you’ll find new ideas every now and then. The above ideas are simple and easy to make; we thoughtfully put them together to boost your creativity.

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