Top Eco-Friendly Gifts That are Attractive and Sustainable

Are you looking for top eco-friendly gifts that are attractive and sustainable? If you’re afraid that your gift will be left to rot along with most other gifts, then we are similar. The fear of giving something useless has been with us for a long time, and it won’t leave anytime soon, at least not in one lifetime. 

However, recently we’ve found a few gifts, or you can say a type of gift that not only helped us offer our love and admiration towards someone but also proved to be sustainable and useful. This is why we thought that it would be great if we could share our discovery with people who feel just like us. 

Today, we’re going to talk about the top eco-friendly gifts. Remember that not all eco-friendly gifts are attractive, durable, or sustainable. We scoured through the internet to find only the very best, and we’re going to look at all of them below. 

Top Eco-Friendly Gifts That are Attractive and Sustainable

What are Eco-Friendly Gifts?

Eco-friendly gifts are gifts that are made of materials that are sustainably sourced and don’t impact the earth negatively. For example, bamboo soap is eco-friendly in every way. In fact, the wrappings of the soap are made of a membrane made from plant extracts, which is why it’s not harmful to the environment like plastic. 

There are tons of eco-friendly products out there, and every day more of these products are being released. There are people who think that eco-friendly products are pretty boring. This was the case even a few years ago, but the tide has changed completely. If you look at the eco-friendly products down below, you’ll understand!

Top Eco-Friendly Gifts:

Living Composter:

If you’re looking for a gift for your friend who’s into gardening, this can be the perfect gift. The Living Composter is a composter that’s completely odorless, and with this, you can create compost in your own home! 

Yes, you heard that right! No matter where you keep it, it won’t spread any smell as you can shut it tightly with the provided lids. You can pile up the food scraps every day, and if you keep on putting them in this, you’ll get great compost in return. The worms will eat up all the food scraps, and they will leave castings, which are considered to be one of the best materials for gardening. 

If you give this to a friend who’s a fan of gardening, you’ll surely be able to make him/her happy. 

Stainless Steel Water Bottle:

If you want your gift to be simple yet effective, then this is one of the best things that you can give your friends or loved ones. The trend of using plastic water bottles is still alarmingly high, and this won’t reduce until we take steps against it. 

Gifting a stainless-steel water bottle to a person is a great way of reducing this trend. As you give this to a person, that person will stop using plastic water bottles, as stainless-steel water bottles are evidently better than plastic ones. 

Then again, if you want, you can take things up a notch and gift a thermal water bottle. The thermal water bottles are also made of stainless steel and other eco-friendly products. The difference being is that these eco-friendly gifts will allow you to store hot or cold water for a long time. 

Reusable Paper Towels:

This is another great eco-friendly gift. These towels are equally absorbent as the standard paper towels. The only difference is that these towels can be used for unlimited times, making them much more sustainable than the standard paper towels. 

Organic Food Wraps:

If you’re tired of seeing people wrapping food items with harmful plastic wraps, then this is what you should give your friends. There are tons of different organic food wraps out there. You can find food wraps made of special cloth, and beeswax, and there are also food wraps that are made from plants and plant extracts. You can get hold of one of these for a very reasonable price too. Plus, these are very useful items, so there’s no chance that these will rot in the basement with the other gifts. 

Tote Bags:

Tote bags are great alternatives to plastic bags. While plastic bags are non-biodegradable, the tote bags are completely organic, and they can degrade very easily. This is why tote bags are considered to be amazing eco-friendly gifts. 


Who doesn’t like knitwear? Although there was a time these were considered to be clothing for granny’s, the impression about these amazing clothing and accessories have changed a lot. Knitwear is made of eco-friendly materials completely, and they offer great comfort and warmth. Then again, they come in many designs and colors, making them one of the most versatile and colorful clothing ever. If you want to give something colorful and vibrant to your friend, knitwear is a great choice for you. 

Glass Containers:

Why would someone carry plastic boxes anymore? Most plastic boxes come with harmful materials like BPA. BPA is poisonous, and it can actually seep into our food and drinks if we keep them in a container that comes with BPA. 

Then again, plastic containers aren’t sustainable at all. These are made of plastic, and the world is facing a huge shortage of plastic now. As most plastic ends up in landfills and the ocean, most of the plastic that’s being used isn’t being recycled. Then again, plastic is sourced from petroleum. While the petroleum reserves offer great volume, they aren’t unlimited. This means that if we keep on using plastic like this, there won’t be any petroleum one day. 

This is why it’s very important to stop the usage of plastic. Plastic containers are being used widely, even today. If we can change them with glass containers, we’ll be able to create a greener and more sustainable earth. Plus, the glass containers are better looking, more durable, pose no threat of BPA or similar harmful chemicals, and they are sustainable! 

Cocobo Soap Berries:

If you want to give something unique, the Cocobo seed berries are an amazing choice for you. All you need to do is throw these berries in a pouch, put them in the washer with the clothes, and that’s it! These berries will do the job of soap, and you’ll have clean clothes in return. These are also eco-friendly, and they’re 100% chemical-free. Plus, these are also allergy-free and degradable! Overall, if you’re looking for organic and eco-friendly gifts, the Cocobo soapberries are great choices!

Organic Brush Set:

Most brush sets are made of plastic and artificial fiber. However, the goal is to minimize the usage of plastic. This is where the organic brush sets come in. These brush sets are made of plant extracts and natural fiber. All of the materials used in these brush sets are sustainably sourced, and they last for a pretty long time as well. These characteristics make this brush set one of the most useful and sustainable eco-friendly gifts. 

Eco-Friendly Gifts

Cotton Bags:

Cotton bags are great alternatives to plastic bags. These bags are 100% natural and biodegradable, meaning that there’s no problem even if you throw them in water or a landfill. They will degrade very soon. Also, these bags are great when you go shopping. You can use these bags instead of the plastic bags provided by the shops, and it also offers a specialty. The specialty of the cotton bags is that they can keep bread fresh for a long time if they’re stored in them. Overall, the cotton bags make a great eco-friendly gift. 

Water Purifiers:

If there’s any traveler on your list, then these will be one of the best eco-friendly gifts that you can give them. There are tons of water purifiers out there, and there are a few brands that offer plastic ones. But, we highly recommend you pick the water purifiers that are made of biodegradable materials and are completely plastic-free. These are not only sustainable, but they are great for the health of the carrier as well! These make great eco-friendly gifts, and I’m sure that if you give them to a fellow traveler, they will be the happiest!

Vegan Candles:

There are many different brands of candles on the market, but we highly recommend getting vegan candles. These candles can be found in many different scents and colors, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Plus, they are very affordable. If you want to get a unique and good-looking gift for your favorite person, vegan candles are great options for you. Then again, these are the best if you bring them for a birthday party! The best part about these candles is that they come free of any sort of harmful chemical compounds such as gluten, paraben, or sulfate. 

Chocolates Sourced Sustainably:

No, we aren’t talking about all sorts of chocolates. There are tons of different brands that pay extremely low wages to the chocolate farmers in Africa, and they reap the entire profit for themselves. This keeps the farmers chained in a cycle of poverty that they can’t get out of. 

But, there are still good people in this world. There are tons of different companies that don’t boast a big brand, but they do pay the cocoa farmers their due wage. You can support such companies by purchasing their chocolates, and in turn, you’ll be supporting the cocoa farmers as well!

Heated Towel Racks:

Heated towel racks were designed for drying up towels fast, but it seems that they do more than that! Heated towel racks are great for placing in your bathroom. You can carry them around easily, so you can keep them anywhere you want. 

The heated towel racks will help you dry your towel before you go for a bath, and you can dry your towel very fast once you’re done using the towel. Then again, you can keep them in your laundry room so that you can dry off your clothes very fast. This will allow you to wear clothes that you took out of the washing machine only minutes ago, which makes it very convenient for day-to-day use. 

Plus, these racks are made of stainless steel, and they don’t come with any sort of plastic. They last a considerable amount of time, making them an even more sustainable product. 

Stainless-Steel Razor:

Stainless-steel razors are great eco-friendly gifts for your male friend or loved one. Most razors are still made of plastic, which is why they shouldn’t be used. 

You can give your male friend a stainless-steel razer, as this will reduce the usage of plastic. Then again, these razors usually last a long time. There are also razors made of wood, but those razors usually get bloated, which is why they aren’t sustainable, making the stainless-steel razors the most sustainable razors. 

Gold Ornaments:

Gold ornaments are great eco-friendly gifts, but you need to make sure that the brand or shop you’re buying from is sourcing its gold sustainably. There are a lot of brands and shops that aren’t paying the proper wage to their employees, and you should avoid such brands. Instead, buy from those who maintain an ethical workplace. In this way, you can get a gold ornament that’s made sustainably. 

Cork Mats:

There are tons of different types of mats, and these mats are made of different sorts of materials as well. Although there are mats made of clothes, most people tend to use yoga mats that are made of plastic or materials derived from plastic. 

You can avoid this easily now. You can get cork mats. Cork mats are made of bark from oak trees, making them naturally sourced and sustainable. However, when you get one of these, you need to make sure that the company that’s bringing this to you is sourcing the oak barks sustainably and that they’re following an eco-friendly process. 

Power Bank with Solar Panel:

There are only a few people who don’t carry power banks nowadays. We end up spending tons of electricity to charge our phones and power banks. What if you could minimize that electricity usage? 

If you could, you could’ve saved a lot of your electricity bill. No one could imagine doing this even a few years back, but now you can do it! If you take one of the power banks that come with solar panels built in them, you’ll be able to charge your phone without even plugging it into a wall socket! The solar-powered power banks can help us minimize electricity bills to a great extent, making them one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly gifts. 

Beeswax Lip Balm:

If you’re looking for a naturally sourced and organic gift for your loved one, you can get them a Beeswax lip balm. These lip balms come in various flavors and scents, and they are priced to be very affordable as well! 

Eco-Friendly Hand Showers:

If you want to give your friend something that they will be able to use for all their life, then you can give your loved one an eco-friendly hand shower. The eco-friendly hand showers come with different functions that will allow you to control the flow of your water. These showers are designed in a way that they don’t overflow that much. As a result, you’ll be able to save a lot of water. Then again, some of these showers come with a special button that will allow you to pause the shower very easily, allowing you to save more water than you possibly could have with other hand showers. This is what makes these hand showers truly eco-friendly gifts that are useful and sustainable at the same time.

Top Eco-Friendly Gifts That are Attractive and Sustainable

Reusable Straws:

Plastic straws can be used only once, and plastic straws alone make up a huge amount of garbage. However, we could get rid of that if we want. The people who are concerned about making the world a better place to live in have developed stainless-steel straws. These straws can be reused as many times as you want, and they won’t get damaged over time. What’s more is that the complete package comes with cleaning brushes with which you’ll be able to clean the straws. 

Notebooks Made of Decomposed Materials:

Papers are mostly made from trees and barks. However, there are a few concerned brands that are bringing eco-friendly papers to the table. These brands are doing so through their eco-friendly notebooks. These notebooks are made from decomposed materials. 

These notebooks are not only eco-friendly, but they carry a greater message that papers can be made from decomposed materials, and if we can execute this on a massive scale, we’ll be able to make all the papers from these. This will ensure that no tree is being cut for producing any paper. These notebooks are truly one of the best eco-friendly gifts that you can give someone. 

Reusable Produce Bags:

There are a lot of bags on the market, but sadly most of them are made of plastic. If you look closely, you’ll be able to find bags made from biodegradable products, and these bags can be reused as well. You will be able to reuse these bags as many times as you want, and they are quite durable as well. Make sure that the bags are sourced sustainably, and you’ll be able to find the perfect eco-friendly gifts for yourself and your loved ones. 

Gift Subscriptions:

There are tons of companies that are offering useful subscription packages. These packages offer tons of eco-friendly goods, and often they offer supplies for a whole month! Gifting one of these to your friends would be an amazing eco-friendly gift. 

There are tons of different types of companies when it comes to these kinds of subscriptions. There are companies that offer naturally and sustainably sourced, eco-friendly health care products, food, and other kitchen-related products, medicines, etc. 

Eco-Friendly Travelling:

There are tons of commute services that are offering eco-friendly and green transportation now. If you want to give a ticket to Hawaii to your loved one, it won’t hurt if he or she is traveling on an eco-friendly plane. 

These are great eco-friendly gifts as they come with a huge surprise, and they’ll surely make your friend or partner happy if you get them a ticket to their favorite destination!

Why Eco-Friendly Gifts?

There’s a lot of people who often ask us about the importance of using eco-friendly products. You see, eco-friendly doesn’t only mean that the product is made from biodegradable materials. What this means is that the product is sustainably sourced as well. This means that in no step of the manufacturing process, employees are underpaid. This also means that the product won’t harm the environment in any way during the manufacturing process and also during its entire life cycle. 

Then again, eco-friendly means that the product can be reused and it’s durable, and it won’t drain any natural resource. 

As you can see, there are many different requirements for a product to be truly eco-friendly. If a product is eco-friendly, it will reduce wastage and will make the earth a better place than it is. 

This is why it’s very important to use eco-friendly products. Now, there comes eco-friendly gifts. If you give someone an eco-friendly gift, then you’re promoting eco-friendly products in a passive manner. The more you promote these products, the more people will use them. This will ultimately reduce the usage of harmful and unsustainably sourced materials like plastic and will contribute to making the world a greener place. 


There are tons of eco-friendly gifts to choose from. In fact, if you look at it from a wider perspective, you’ll see that there are more interesting gifts among eco-friendly gifts. So, try to gift your friends and loved ones with these gifts so that the usage of plastic is reduced, and the earth becomes a more sustainable place to live in.

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