Sustainable Clothing Brands That Make Amazing Clothes

If the phrase ‘sustainable clothing brands’ conjures up images of dull and tasteless clothes, then we must say that you’re not up to date with the advancements the fashion world is going through. It’s 2020, and sustainable clothing brands no longer make plain clothes. 

There are tons of sustainable clothing brands that offer a variety of fashion styles and designs. Before we go into that, you must know what sustainable clothing brands are, and what features they offer. 

What is a Sustainable Clothing Brand?

If you want to understand what sustainable clothing means, you need to understand what ‘fast fashion’ means. It’s the type of clothes that are made in a cheap manner, and these aren’t tailored for long-term usage, and they usually wear out quickly. 

On the other hand, there is sustainable clothing, also known as ethical clothing. This type of clothes isn’t only made for long-term usage, but in this type of fashion, the wages of the workers are also ensured. As this type of fashion takes a bit more time than ‘fast fashion’, it’s often referred to as ‘slow fashion’. 

There are five factors that are ensured for making a sustainable clothing brand. They are:

Use of Water

There is an acute shortage of freshwater nowadays of usable and freshwater, and we already need a lot of that for basic agriculture and for daily drinking. Yes, we have a lot of water bodies, but not all of them can be refined to make them suitable for our needs. This is why it’s very important to reduce the usage of water, and sustainable clothing brands are intent on minimizing the usage of water as much as possible. 

Use of Chemicals

Yes, the chemicals and dyes used in the manufacturing process will not harm you if you’re a consumer, but in the manufacturing process itself, these chemicals end up harming the employees working there, and if these chemicals flow into any water body, it ends up polluting it. The sustainable clothing brands make sure that none of these happens, and they do so by eliminating the usage of chemicals as much as they can. 

Long Lifecycle

The sustainable clothing brands are fixated on providing clothing that you can use for the long term, unlike the ‘fast fashion’ clothing brands. This makes these clothing brands much more reliable and efficient than others. 


There are specific natural fibres that require more water, fertilizer, and more pesticide than some other fibres. Sustainable clothing brands try to resort to the ones that come with fewer requirements. This not only makes the overall process more efficient and the prices cheaper, but it also contributes by reducing the usage of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers. 


There are a lot of ways in which sustainable clothing brands reduce wastage. For example, there’s a method in which they repair used clothes and resell them, and then again, these brands try to use recycled material, which is another good way of reducing the overall wastage. 

Worker Friendly Environment

There are a lot of garments worldwide that exploit their employees to such an extent that they don’t even do anything for their health and welfare. But, sustainable clothing brands always provide health security and proper wages to their workers, making the workplace worker-friendly. This increases the overall efficiency of the process, and it also improves the lifestyle of the workers. 

Now that you know about the characteristics a sustainable clothing brand must come with, let’s look at some of the best sustainable clothing brands that are offering really attractive and fashionable clothes. 

Top Sustainable Clothing Brands

JW Anderson

The brand JW Anderson was launched by designer JW Anderson, and this is essentially a collection of amazing eco-friendly apparels and other garments. This collection consisted of six pieces at first, and it was launched entirely in the UK. The designer claims that his intentions were to help and support the talented craftspeople of the UK. 

All of the limited-edition products of this collection are made sustainably using surplus fabrics, and they comprise different types of dresses, buttoned shirts, capes, etc. 

Recently, they’ve introduced their very own belt totes that are made of recycled plastics. Each bag tote is made from nine recycled plastic bottles, and they can be found in nine different colours now. Stars like Dua Lipa, Emma Corrin were seen wearing or carrying JW Anderson products, and the trend among the celebrities is only rising. 

Once JW Anderson was asked about his expectations with this brand, he replied saying that this is only the beginning of what’s to come, and we’re all eagerly waiting for it. 


Levi’s is undoubtedly one of the giants in the industry, and this time they are taking a different approach to solve the ‘fast fashion’ problem. 

A single pair of denim jeans takes thousands of gallons of water to be made. In this world where we’re suffering from the great scarcity of usable water, Levi’s took a great initiative to save some of that water. 

In a new Water<Less collection of theirs, Levi’s claims that they are using 96% less water in the manufacturing process of their denim jeans. This is indeed a great initiative, and as a giant like Levi’s took this step, it’s highly likely that more will follow. 

Alternative Apparel

If you’re looking for a collection that won’t ever feel out of time, you can look at the collections from Alternative Apparel. Their clothes are made from recycled materials mostly, and in some cases, they also use organic cotton. 

The speciality of their clothing style is that they offer a worn-out, vintage look that can fit into any space and any timeline. This timeless design will allow you to wear their T-shirts or leggings for years to come, which makes them truly sustainable. 


Everlane believes that you shouldn’t buy too many clothes as that will only increase wastage. They also believe that super trendy clothes don’t stick around for long, and you’ll be forced to buy new clothes if you get one of these. 

To save you from buying more clothes, Everlane produces clothes of styles and designs that are timeless. You can wear their clothes for years without making yourself feel that your clothes are backdated. 

Then again, they are very transparent with their manufacturing process. They list every one of their markup processes, and they showcase their factories publicly to offer a clear idea about the sources of the garments. 

They also claim that all of their manufacturing factories are audited even before they start utilizing that. Although this has no relation with the environmental factors, it does show their seriousness about making the earth a better place. 


Kotn is a certified B corporation, and they’re a sustainable clothing brand. There are a few actions through which they are attaining sustainability as a clothing brand. Firstly, they use eco-friendly dyes, which is obviously a crucial factor as we’ve said earlier that harmful chemical dyes could destroy the water bodies and also harms the workers. 

Then again, they support the cotton farmers they are sourcing from directly. As of this moment, they have built over seven schools, supported 690 farms, and they are impacting around 30,000 lives in rural Egypt directly. All of their actions relate directly to sustainability and making the world a better place. 


Pact is another sustainable clothing brand that provides the usual daily clothes, socks, and underwear for men, women, as well as children. Pact sources its clothes from India where it’s manufactured with care. 74% of their cotton is harvested, and all of their clothes are child-labour-free. 

Then again, they are contributing to the environment as well. All of their clothes are made of cotton, and they use organic cotton instead of conventional ones. What’s the difference? Well, their cotton requires 95% less water than the conventional ones. Also, they don’t use any type of harmful chemicals, dyes, or bleaches during the manufacturing process, and this makes them truly a sustainable clothing brand. 

Collina Strada

Collina Strada is a brand that’s based in New York and emphasizes sustainability as its first priority. Designer Hillary Taymour founded this brand in 2008, and since then it’s been manufacturing vibrant and colourful dresses that you can wear on a daily basis. Collina Strada is widely loved by activities and art writers across the globe because of their unique designs. 

Prada Re-Nylon

Re-Nylon is a special collection released by Prada, and this line of bags and accessories are made sustainable by creating them out of recycled plastics. The best part about this line of bags is that Prada literally uses the plastic fished out of the ocean, and it also uses discarded fabrics. 

You can find these products in the corner shop collections, and there are tons of different varieties you can choose from. Prada Re-Nylon is a very sustainable clothing brand, and it’s being praised by both designers and environmentalists due to its diverse and environment-friendly designs. 

H&M Conscious

The best part about H&M Conscious brand is that it starts at a very low price, and it’s a fact that makes it more sustainable. The H&M Conscious clothes can be used for the long term, which will reduce your expenses further. 

Each and every product from H&M Conscious comes with at least one element that makes it environment friendly. Another amazing feature of H&M Conscious is that you can actually recycle your old and worn clothes in the H&M shops and you can get good deals on the H&M Conscious products. The manufacturers claimed that they use 57% of recycled fibres or in some cases sustainably sourced fibres. So, as you can see, they aren’t 100% sustainable as of yet, but the manufacturers promise to reach that level by 2030. 

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is a great sustainable clothing brand, and it’s one of the brands that are having the most positive impact on our environment. It focuses on work ethics and helps their workers maintain a healthy lifestyle. Then again, they focus on everything from the fibres to the finishes in the manufacturing process to make sure that there is nothing that’s harming the environment. 

Although the Eileen Fisher garments are pretty expensive, there’s a way that you can get them for a lower price. Eileen Fisher accepts gently worn pieces and they will accept if any piece of garment is given back to them. You can get some excellent garments that are already worn but in amazing shape through this service of theirs. But what happens if the cloth isn’t good enough to be resold? Well, they’ll use one of their special techniques to turn the cloth into an art!

Polo Ralph Lauren

Who said that large brands aren’t making decisions to become more sustainable? Here’s another example for you! Polo Ralph Lauren has opened a new collection that they are calling the ‘Earth Polo’. There are clothes for men, women, and kids in this section. They are making the apparels out of the plastics that different agencies and organizations are fishing out of water. Then again, they are contributing by reducing their water usage. The dyes that they use in the manufacturing process are harmless to the workers and eco-friendly because they don’t need much water to function. 

Polo Ralph Lauren is offering only shirts, but they estimated that they’d be saving around 170 million plastic bottles by the end of 2025, which is a praiseworthy feat on its own. 


Like many other sustainable clothing brands, Cuyana too believes that the lesser and the better products you buy, the more sustainable you are. This is why they are intent on producing reliable tote bags that you can use for years without requiring a replacement. Cuyana is mostly famous because of its tote bags, but it also offers a collection of sustainable clothing that you better check out. 

What’s really amazing is how Cuyana reduces its travelling costs. They usually pick factories that are located near the raw materials, and this is why they don’t need to spend much on the travelling costs of the raw materials. 

People Tree

People Tree is a brand that focuses highly on paying proper wages to their workers and making their work environment friendly to their workers. People Tree is based in the UK, and it’s been certified by Fair Trades. If you don’t know what that means, let us clarify. Fair Trades inspects the supply chain management of different companies with very strict regulations, and any company that gets certified by them is definitely worth some praise. They also maintain the usage of eco-friendly materials in the manufacturing process. 


Patagonia is an outdoor brand, and it’s one of the leading sustainable clothing brands. Not only does it use sustainable and eco-friendly materials, but it’s also renowned because it offers reparation of clothes and gears. They not only believe that it’s better to use one product for more time, but they also offer the solutions through which you can do so. Then again, these are also Fair Trade certified, so you know that you’ll get top-notch service from them. 

Patagonia also allows you to deposit your old Patagonia clothes so that you can get offers on the new ones that you’ll buy in the future. In these ways, Patagonia is a truly sustainable clothing brand in the world now. 


Like Patagonia and some other clothing brands, Columbia too tries its best to refine its supply chain in order to improve the overall output and minimize waste. Other than this, they also use some innovative techniques to create clothes out of waste. 

One of the major examples of this is their Eco Jacket. These jackets are made from recycled plastics, and they don’t use any taxing dye that requires too much water. This is how they can save more than 24 gallons of water for each jacket. They also use a finish that comes free of PFCs. These are harmful materials, and as they are absent in the Columbia jackets, they have a much better manufacturing process. 

Columbia goes the extra mile by stating that most of their vendor shops are Bluesign certified, which means that their vendors put good effort into eliminating the wastage of water, waste, and electricity. 


Manduka is a brand that’s highly appreciated by people who love products related to Yoga. Manduka produces products ranging from workout clothes to Yoga mats, which denotes how versatile they are. The main factor through which they made themselves sustainable is their fabric. They use organic cotton that’s GOTS certified. They also use recycled materials certified by GRS. 

Even though the Manduka clothes are made out of green materials, they manufacture their clothes in such a way that you won’t feel uncomfortable. 


The theory is a New York-based sustainable clothing brand, and they are known for providing premium clothes while using green materials and an eco-friendly production system. They have been at it from 2017 since they launched their Good Initiative. 

The theory focuses on refining its supply chain, and it aims to educate its consumers on the source of its products so that the consumers know where their clothes and raw materials are coming from. This initiative adds transparency to its service, which is always praiseworthy. 

House of Sunny

House of Sunny is an amazing sustainable clothing brand that focuses on retaining their product’s build quality and sustainability and prioritizes these overreaching the customer base fast. The manufacturers have stated that the process through which they ensure that their product ticks all the requirements to be eco-friendly is definitely rigorous and slow, but it’s their top priority, and they never compromise this. 

You’ll find tons of fashionable apparels and accessories from House of Sunny, and their products are mainly outworn, knitwear, and bags. 

Balzac Paris

Balzac Paris is a sustainable clothing store that specializes in women’s clothing such as apparels, dresses, shoes, and other accessories. Their products start over $50, and they can be quite expensive, but there are many reasons why you would rather prefer their products. 

For starters, their products are made sustainably, and they ensure that their product lasts for quite some time so you can utilize what you spent. Then again, they have this initiative called AMR, and it’s the abbreviation of Always More Responsible. Through this initiative, they always strive to make decisions that would allow them to make a sustainable change. In their website, they have dedicated an entire tab to their ethical practices and their eco-friendly practices. 


Klow is a sustainable clothing brand that makes clothing, accessories, and jewellery for both men and women. Klow is more like a marketplace for brands that are both eco-friendly and ethical. The prerequisite of them working with a brand is that the brand must go through a rigorous one-month long audit, and they must ensure that every person concerned with the supply chain must receive a proper and a fair wage. 

Then again, the brands associated with Klow must ensure that they take every possible measure to minimize waste and that they use natural resources to make their brands as eco-friendly as possible. 

La Relaxed

Situated in downtown LA, La Relaxed ensures that all of their workers are treated with a fair wage and a friendly working environment. They use cruelty-free and vegan materials for producing small batches of clothing at a time, making them a sustainable clothing brand. 


There are hundreds of sustainable clothing brands that are offering everything that you can ever ask for. No matter what you want, from flashy jackets to vintage hoodies, these clothing brands can offer that without putting nature and their employees in danger, leaving no reason for why you shouldn’t resort to them. We highly recommend you resort to these brands as you’ll get amazing clothes at reasonable prices, and you’ll be able to contribute to making the earth a better place!

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