Energy Conservation Techniques

Energy conservation has been the hot topic of the world for quite a long time now. We see a lot of campaigns and petitions going on about this hot topic, but how many people are implementing them in their daily lives? Therefore, the adverse effects are seen everywhere. We believe the world can be saved again. It can still be a safe abode for all its inhabitants. Let’s join the eco-friendly movement by reducing pressure on natural resources and cutting back on carbon emissions by learning these few energy conservation techniques. 

What Is Energy Conservation?

Generally, energy conservation is linked to saving electricity costs, which is kind of funny. Did you know that you can conserve electricity by putting a pan lid to using a car? Energy conservation is the process of reducing energy consumption by limiting the usage of energy services. The energy conservation process also includes the energy supply to rebuild or transform itself.  The concept also brings on alleviating demand on natural resources and look for alternate sources. 

Why is Energy Conservation important?

People believe in the coming years, and there’ll be alternate sources for natural resources due to the advancing technology. If we don’t take the necessary steps for conserving energy, all the natural resources of the earth will start to deplete. Technology at that time won’t be of much help. The depletion will also result in enormous waste products that will result in a damaging environment. Besides, the air will be polluted with low oxygen saturation, and there will be hardly any drinkable water left. There will be a negative acceleration on climate change and give rise to extreme weather conditions. Of course, it will take a long time for the earth to reach this situation, but it will eventually occur. Hence we should all focus on energy conservation goals and techniques. Energy conservation will ensure clean air to breathe always and sustain the natural resources of the planet. Energy conservation will also ensure lakes, trees, forests, etc., for future generations. Apart from saving the mother earth, energy conservation techniques will also cut down your bills significantly.

What happens when we do not conserve energy?

The adverse effects may not be visible. Still, we cannot deny the earth is not moving at its right pace. Most people recognize the go green motto, but only a few follow it! It’s easier to follow a motto when you know the outcomes it can bring. If energy is not conserved, it will result in:

1. Increased Carbon Percentage:

The initial result of the overconsumption of energy results in leaving carbon traces everywhere. These carbon footprints are not at all safe for the climate. There will be drastic changes in the climate with terrible heating conditions. The temperature will tend to rise, which can cause hindrances for food cultivation. The amount of rainfall will also reduce significantly. Primarily plugged-in devices like cellphones, laptops, computers cause the most carbon emission.

2. Reduced Supply of natural resources:

Statistics tell that areas with high population density are a threat to the environment. The people in those areas are over-consuming energy sources like electricity and gas unconsciously. The overuse contributes to the scarcity of these resources. In such cases, the government resorts to drilling or mining for coal and gases. The drilling or mining process is not environment-friendly and pollutes the air, water. Further, the mining machines also destroys the fertility of the soil.

3. Scarcity in Fossil Fuels:

Fossil fuels are nonrenewable resources. When the lost drop of oil has been extracted and the last coal has been dug, there’s not much science can do to provide an alternative. This is dangerous for the vehicles, industries, electricity, and overall the world economy. 

4. Environment Pollution:

All the extracting processes come with the emission of harmful gases from the environment. Even placing solar panels can cause air pollution. The more energy you’re consuming daily, the more extraction is needed. Mining, extraction, logging, etc., destroy the habitat of oceans and lands. The chemical balance of the water is also destroyed. 

5. Water Scarcity

Industries and mills are created beside the water bodies to dump all their waste materials. Next, you know there is scarcity for pure drinking water and aquatic animal abode. Your country can turn into a desert in a jiffy. The power plants use hydropower to generate electricity. Regular usage of hydropower will eventually dry out the water. In such cases, you have to rely on seawater. The seawater filled with salt actually dehydrates your body. Due to drinking water scarcity, Dubai spent millions to convert seawater into drinkable water. Not all countries are rich enough to do so and should concentrate on conserving water.

6. Rise in Landfill Toxins:

All the electric devices contain lead, chromium, and mercury that provide a steady battery life. These elements are considered toxins for the environment. More usage of these appliances results in emitting hazardous gases for the environment. Somehow, if these appliances reach the landfills, they end up polluting groundwater, soil, etc.

7. Increased Greenhouse gases:

The greenhouse effect is important for our survival on the earth and is a natural phenomenon. With the rising usage of motor vehicles and electric appliances, the greenhouse effect situation is getting out of control. These can create detrimental effects by causing drought, heatwaves, abnormal weather, floods, acid rain, etc.

The effort of a single person in conserving the energy can delay the whole decaying process of the earth. Cutting back on electricity, water, and motor vehicles may seem small steps, but will actually create a tremendous leap for the ecology. 

Practical Techniques for Energy Conservation;

1. Installing CFL lights:

Get rid of the typical incandescent lights from your home and opt for CFL lights. CFL lights are expensive, but they can last 12 times longer than incandescent lights. These lights also consume less electricity and cut down the electric bill.

2. Controlling the room temperature:

Always try to maintain a balance between outer and inner temperature. More energy is consumed when the differences between outdoor and indoor temperature are more. Using a programmable thermostat is a smarter option for conserving energy.

3. Utilizing maximum daylight:

Turn off the lights during the daytime and let the natural sunlight come in. This will lessen the consumption burden from the power grid and reduce your electric bills. The natural sun rays will also disinfect your house.

4. Energy-saving appliances:

While bringing a new electrical device home, go for the ones with the “energy-efficient” label. This kind of appliance consumes less power and electricity.

5. Say NO to motor vehicles:

Unless it’s an absolute emergency, resort to bicycles or walking. Walking or riding a cycle emits no harmful gases and doesn’t need fuels to run. In the long run, walking and cycling will only conserve energy. These activities are also beneficial for your health, as you have no time to work out.

6. Switch off appliances:

Plugged idle laptops, printers, phones, computers, etc., consume electricity too. This is nothing apart from the wastage of electricity and money. Always switch off these appliances when not in use.

7. Fitting shady landscapes:

Plant a shady landscape outside your house and see the changes. Your home will be protected from intense heat in the summer and cold chills in the winter. You don’t need any electrical appliances for regulating heat now.

8. Installing motion detectors:

Motion detectors are lifesaving hacks for a forgetful person. The motion detectors automatically turn off electric appliances when no motion is detected. With motion detectors, you’re never coming back to a dark house again. You’ll end up conserving energy and money. 

9. Closing the doors:

Believe it or not, the door closing hack is the best energy-conservation technique. Remembering to close doors of the refrigerator, washing machine, and air-conditioned room can make the world greener for its future generation.

10. Cleaning the dryer:

Clean the lint filter of your dryer after every use. This will save a lot of energy.

Energy conserving techniques for home:

  • Insulate the home based on outer temperature
  • Use dimming lights if possible
  • Not using the high-temperature option in the dryer
  • Opting for toasters and stoves instead of an oven
  • Get used to short showers
  • Use dual-flow toilets

Energy conserving techniques for lawn:

  • Use halogen lights for security lightings
  • Use motion sensors and timers outside your home
  • Choose electric lawnmowers instead of motor ones. A traditional push-and-pull lawn mower is the best choice for energy conservation.
  • Use solar covers to heat pools

Energy conserving techniques for office:

  • Close doors and windows during off periods
  • Replace CRD screens with LCD or LED
  • Open shades and blinds
  • Switch off computers at the end of the day
  • Use energy-efficient cameras
  • Opt for solar panels 

Energy conserving techniques for vehicles:

  • Always keep the tires filled with air
  • Clear the heavy clutter from the backseat
  • Use alternate routes to commute at times of heavy traffic
  • Restrict speed limits to 55 km/h-100 km/h
  • Use air conditions when necessary
  • Invest in hybrid vehicles instead of fuel ones

Energy conserving techniques for every day:

  • Separate the recyclable or compostable items from the trash to minimize landfill wastes
  • Use recycled and biodegradable products
  • Refrain from using plastic bags
  • Use recyclable bags for shopping
  • Cook in pots instead of kettles or pressure cooker
  • Don’t leave the tap running

How to make the right choices for energy conservation?

Energy conservation is all about the way you maintain your lifestyle. Your everyday life choices can contribute to the energy-saving motto of the world. Follow the simple steps to be a part of something big:

  • Switch to CFL or LED bulbs everywhere
  • Swap full-sized desktops for ultrabooks or laptops
  • Use an energy-efficient inkjet printer
  • Use microwaves instead of the conventional ovens
  • Use reusable containers for storing foods instead of aluminum foils

Energy conserving techniques during the holidays:

We want your holidays to be happy and relaxing. Did you know there are ways to conserve energy while you’re on a pleasant holiday?

  • Switch off and unplug all appliances. Set your thermostat to the lowest temperature.
  • Your refrigerator deserves a holiday too. Try to finish all the food before going on a trip. If you have to leave it on, stuff the fridge with bottles of water and frozen snacks.
  • Turn the hot water system off during vacation. During winter, set it to the level to protect the pipes from freezing.
  • Plan on staying in an eco-friendly resort.
  • Choose the most energy-efficient transport to reach your holiday destination.

Does energy conservation means always using less?

The key to energy conservation is to use the least amount of resources possible. On the other side of the story, conserving energy can also mean fill up in some cases. Fill these things to save energy:

  • Always keep the refrigerator full as stocked refrigerators consume less electricity. It doesn’t mean stocking up the fridge with food. Stock them with water instead.
  • Use the dishwasher only when it’s filled. Dishwashers use the same amount of electricity for every wash. Don’t stack the utensils together.
  • Put dry towels in the dryer. Dry towels absorb dampness from clothes and help to dry them faster.
  • Run the washing machine when it’s filled to save energy.

The energy conservation techniques will present the earth with a better tomorrow. These techniques will also help the world to:

  • Tackle climate change
  • Saving the economy
  • Ensuring habitats for human and animals
  • Enhancing the lifestyle

Bottom Line:

If you think only your energy-saving effort cannot change the world, you’re wrong. Whenever people around you notice your utility bills are considerably lower than others, they’ll obviously want to know the secret behind it. The energy-conserving chain will start growing longer, and people from all around the world will work together for this noble purpose. Let’s join the “go green” campaign together and help the earth and its natural resources to sustain.

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